How to Use Essential Oils – Aromatically

I was always skeptical about aromatherapy. I mean you see scented candles and soaps and hand soaps that boast ‘aromatherapy’, but they never really worked for me. So I was always skeptical.

But I’m convinced that aromatherapy works when done with pure therapeutic essential oils and used correctly.

You can simply inhale pure essential oils by inhaling from the bottle or pouring a drop in your hands and breathing in deeply.

You can also diffuse essential oils. It’s best to use a diffuser that diffuses the essential oils into a vapor fine mist into the air not heating the oils giving the full benefits of aromatherapy. Heating the oils can damage the healing properties of the oils thus rendering them ineffective. I decided to try a car diffuser that plugs in. It contained a little pad where you placed several drops of the oil. Even though it did not heat it very much, it did not have the same effect as diffusing them in my home diffuser did. The difference in the home diffuser making a vapor mist made a huge difference.

Disclaimer: If you are under the care of a physician, before using the oils, please inform them of what you are using to make sure it is okay with your plan of care. 


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