Hump Day

Just another hump day. Not much to report. Oh I signed up on twitter. Now if I can just figure out how to do more with it on my blackberry without using the texting. I don't think DH will go for me going to the unlimited texting just so I can twitter and somehow I think it might use up more than my alotted 400 texts per month. I can update from the browser on my blackberry, but i can't figure out how to reply to someone else's posts on it. Anyone care to educate me a little more about twitter? Oh and if you want to follow me on it I'm what else – amykiane.

Random news:

1. My DH finally joined Facebook; he's going through that early stage of addiction with it.

2. I have a scrapbooking challenge up over on the Scrap, Etc forums.

3. Anyone doing Beth Moore's Esther bible study? It's just incredible.

4. I'm subbing all day tomorrow and half a day Friday and helping DS's teacher the other part of Friday. Trying to figure out a)when I'm going to get the laundry I washed today folded, ironed and put away b) when/how I'm going to get the photos for Photography Friday's post taken c) what on earth I'm going to cook for dinner tomorrow night. (I'm thinking DH may be grilling).

Here are my photos of the day for the past few days. I have to say I'm loving doing this project. I think I've only missed two or three days so far. Not too bad.

February 23 – Went to a paint party here in town with friends from my Sunday School class and church. I love doing abstracts.


February 24 – DS is loving taking art lessons.


February 25 – I looked out the window to see DS playing on his swings. He didn't want me taking a photo, but I did anyway. 🙂


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