I caved.

Yes, it’s true. I caved. I had held my ground for many years. 10 years to be exact. I refused. I would not have it. I prevailed for quite a long time. Until yesterday.

What, you ask, did I cave into? Colored Christmas tree lights. I have always had white lights on our tree since we married. DH has always wanted colored lights, but I wouldn’t have it. Even DS had decided he wanted colored lights when he was about 3 years old. So yesterday before decorating the tree I finally gave in and DS and I headed to the store to buy colored lights. I still prefer white lights, but DS was so sweet in asking and was so cooperative while taking photos for our Christmas card that I just couldn’t hold out any longer. Sorry for the bad photo, but I was struggling with the low light. I’m going to try again for a better one tonight. I don’t think it helped with my yellow walls.


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