I love my knit slouch berets.

I love my knit berets. Last year before going to New York with my sister I ordered a chunky knit slouch beret off of Etsy. I loved it and wore it the entire time I was there. It kept my head and ears so warm walking around the city. So after Christmas I decided to order a couple more in colors to match my coats. I went back to Etsy to find my order history and thankfully the same seller was still making them. You can visit Pandora Spocks' Etsy shop here. I've seriously considered ordering one in the lemongrass green too.

With the unusually frigid temperatures we've been experiencing here in the deep south I have really enjoyed having them to wear. I usually don't look very good in hats so I'm so happy I've found one that looks kind of cute on me. This first photo is the blue one I bought last year to take to New York. I took it along on our cruise this past October to New England where we took this photo.


And the brown one I ordered to go with my brown jacket.


And the cream one I ordered to go with my off white coat.


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