Introducing Dots

Sunday evening we heard this very loud crying in the woods behind our house. The dog was going crazy so we went to see what it was. This little kitten came right out of the woods. We tried to decide what to do with it. I have a feeling someone just dropped it out and I can't bear the thought of taking it to the humane society. So… looks we have a new four legged member of the family. I'll be calling the vet tomorow to take it in to be checked out.


Dots did really well last night. We put it in the crate with a stuffed animal and it quit crying within a few minutes. It cried for a couple of hours this morning, but then calmed down. The old cat does not seem to be taking to his new little housemate though. We'll see how that works out.

This morning as Squirt (BTW, the kiddo has decided he wants me to call him Squirt on here from now on – yes, he's quite opinionated) was practicing piano Dots hopped up beside him. Thank goodness my camera was nearby. This first one is my photo for the day. It's my favorite even though techincally it's not perfect.

July 27 – Photo of the Day – Dots helping Squirt practice piano.




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