I don’t always like this way He made me. This part of me that aches when friends closest hurt. My spirit depressed.Waking at night with tears for their pain. Intuition hyper aware. My sensitive soul not always easy to embrace.

I know this feeling well enough now. Sometimes a name and others not. Having wrestled with sleep many nights only to realize the following day I should have been praying. Understanding too late the restlessness for what it was – a nudging, a whisper “your friend needs you now.” A task given me for these friends. 

So I wake. I pray. Most times unknowing why until later………………………….

Unfocused I wake midweek during dark morning hours. Forgetting to breathe. Forgetting to listen. Ears closed only looking inward. Tired. Anxious for sleep. Not even thinking of this task given me. 

Hours later a friend shares their unrest. Forgive me Lord. Why did I not stop? Why did I not listen? Wrapped in my own petty worries. Failing to sense the need, the task He placed before me months before. 

Ignoring this way He made me. 

Yet grace He pours over me.

Awakened again during sleeping hours. This time knowing the need. Learning as I grow in Him that this intuition, this way He made me, is a gift. 

Aware once again of my task.

Are you ever hyper sensitive to the needs of friends? To God asking you to pray?

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