It’s coming.

The talk….I know it's coming and probably sooner than I care for it to. A couple of weeks ago DS had a story in reading about a female swimmer that swam across the English channel. In the story there was a sentence that said "Men didn't think the female sex could…." DS would not read 'sex'. He refused, saying it was a bad word. I told him in that context it meant whether a person was male or female. He still wouldn't say it.

And then a couple of days later I discover how nice it is that Cosmo magazine is eye level with your children while you wait in the checkout line at Wal-Mart!!! (Think of me saying this with a very sarcastic tone.) As we were about to check out DS sees a headline with "sex" in it on the cover of the magazine.  He looks at me and says "now mama that's the bad word."  I asked him if he even knew what that word means and he said "no and I don't want to." 

And then a friend tells me that her 4th grader brings home her science book and they are studying reproduction. In fourth grade???? Are you kidding me!! Seriously????!!!! I mean I knew it was coming before 5th grade because of what I've been told they study in health in that grade, but 4th grade? 

Oh, the joys of parenting.