I’m sitting under the ceiling fan in our den as I write this with an ice pack on the back of my head. I’ve been up since 5:30 a.m. It’s after two in the afternoon now. I’ve been cleaning and reorganizing here and there since just after six although very slowly, but I’m calling it done for the day even though I still have a few more tasks to complete. The ice pack is for a headache. I lost myself in some reorganizing this morning and forgot to eat breakfast. Thus the headache.

And if you knew me very well you would understand that me sitting under a fan could mean the apocalypse. I am almost always cold and I never ever like cold air blowing directly on me. Never.

Unless of course it’s the end of June in Alabama and the air conditioning is out. Last Wednesday our air conditioning stopped working. The repairman diagnosed it with a coil leak and replaced the freon warning us he didn’t know how long it would last while we waiting on a new unit to arrive. It lasted until Sunday afternoon. Forty-eight hours without cool air and they are replacing the unit as I sit here and melt.

Okay I’m not literally melting. Well, maybe a little….Okay. I’m not really melting.

All I’ve wanted to do is moan and complain on twitter and Facebook. Earlier I decided that as much as I think a simpler time would be nice I was definitely not meant for the pioneer days or any era before the invention of air conditioning and the widespread use of it.

As much I’ve wanted to cry about it I’ve tried not to. (Perhaps this post constitutes complaining.) Because there’s this voice in my head telling me that 86 degrees in my house and me sweating and miserable is nothing when compared to most of the world.

But can I tell you my patience is fading fast? Headache plus summer allergies plus no air. Thankfully I should have cooler air flowing in the next couple of hours and I’m grateful the 100 degree temps forecasted for us by the end of the week haven’t appeared early.

So today the proverbial angel and devil have been sitting on my shoulders. That is a bit of life unmasked today. Me trying to keep the selfish, spoiled girl from whining and complaining. Because as much as I could justify it that voice is right. I only think I have it hard.

Life: Unmasked

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