Menu Monday – February 15 & Giveaways coming!

Just a note. I'm coming up on my 1000th post and I'm so excited about what I have in store for you! I have several giveaways that will begin the day my 1000th post goes and for the few days following. So keep checking back this week. Thursday should be the day for my 1000th post.

Today I'm going to share my two favorite websites (& shows) for finding recipes. Due to crazy schedules and dinner out with friends I have several menus ready for next week that I didn't get to try over the past couple of weeks. So I thought I'd share these sites with you (instead of taxing my brain too much. )

These sites are probably familiar to most of you.

The first is Pioneer Woman's recipe website Tasty Kitchen. I love being able to find new recipes and see if anyone has reviewed them. My most recent favorites I found on Tasty Kitchen.

The second website I go to is Food Network. I love to watch Food Network, especially $10 Dollar Dinners with Melissa D'Arabian, Barefoot Contessa, and Everyday Italian. Although I must admit I've only tried recipes from Melissa D'Arabian so far. I love to watch people cook much more than I like to cook, but I love being able to find recipes that I see and want to try.

What are your favorite sites for finding new recipes? What are your favorite recipe books? Please share in the comments.

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