Monday Morning Reflection


Monday morning and the sun reappears. After dreary days I am thankful. I stare out the glass door as the birds flit about the bare winter branches. The morning almost ready to give way to afternoon their songs not as loud as a few hours ago. Yet if I’m patient they will sing. I wonder if the blue skies and sunshine inspire them.

A squirrel runs down a tree. Two crows fly low across the yard. Bare branches finger across blue sky. Wrapped in a knitted a throw in my favorite chair I watch nature outside my glass door and windows. Chilled I am thankful for the sunshine. Ready for spring yet wishing for more winter as it never really felt like winter this season.

Ideas for writing jotted down over past week yet words not flowing as I would like. The sinus medicine helping me breathe covering my mind with fog. I decide to write from where I am instead. Just observe.

Music plays softly in the background. Our old cat slowly moving about. This evening he’ll curl up in my lap when I sit down. Something he’s only been doing for the past year. I wonder if it’s a sign of his age.

849. For lazy Sundays. (2.12.12)

850. For blog hosts who go above and beyond with customer service. (2.15.12)

851. For a good day. (2.16.12)

852. For an afternoon with Sam. (2.17.12)

853. For seven hours of sleep. (2.18.12)

854. For birds singing outside my window. (2.18.12)

855. For blankets. (2.19.12)

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