Sunday, Monday

My day just got even better.

My mind stays hurried and unfocused recently. Accomplishing small bits of tasks here and there until eventually complete. Frustrating myself. Poor sleep, immediate technology in part to blame.

Then Sunday afternoon closing out July I set aside the painting and scrapbooking I plan to do and instead curl up in my favorite chair with a book I started two weeks ago. The Help. I begin thinking I’ll read for half an hour and work on the painting that awaits me. Three and a half hours later I’m still reading.

I have not lost myself in a book for that length of time in months. Taking a break to exercise I return later in the evening to read more. Another hour and a half later I turn the last page.

Painting and scrapbooking and all plans other than the exercise abandoned. Something my mind and spirit needed.

Today I check the mail. An already good day made even better. Our yearly update on our World Vision sponsored child. A new photo showing how he’s grown. Squirt asking again “Can we go to Africa?” “I wish it were that easy,” I reply. Shifting my mind to Writing Joy & other World Vision bloggers in Bolivia this week. Sharing stories of what World Vision is doing. That tug at my heart to apply for a World Vision blogging trips returns.

Will you follow along on their trip as they share the stories?

I continue counting the gifts.

476. For all the different birds playing in my yard as I sit on my porch. (7/25/11)

477. For the motivation to push through and write. (7/25/11)

478. For energy & motivation to run/walk four miles after three days off. (7/26/12)

479. For hummingbirds at my feeders. (7/26/11)

480. For cool breeze on a hot summer afternoon. (7/26/11)

481. For new clients emailing to book a session. (7/26/11)

482. For Sherry and Elizabeth. (7/27/11)

483. For getting to talk to Sarah Beth. (7/28/11)

484. Star gazing in the hammock. Seeing a shooting star. (7/28/11)

485. For motivation to move even though wasn’t feeling well. (7/29/11)

486. For a day where I accomplished what I wanted to. (7/30/11)

487. For Ann. (7/30/11)

488. For Highlands. (7/31/11)

489. For an afternoon of hours of reading. (7/31/11)

490. For energy to run when all I wanted to do was take a nap. (7/31/11)

491. For losing two more pounds. (7/31/11)

492. For another shooting star. (7/31/11)

493. For a morning with a friend at the pool. (8/1/11)

494. For kiddo deciding he liked his painting he finished when he didn’t like it at first. (8/1/11)

495. For energy to go run when all I wanted to do was take a nap. (8/1/11)

496. For our yearly update on our Word Vision sponsored child. (8/1/11)

497. Two afternoon thunderstorms with sunshine in between. (8/1/11)

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