More than a Bit Excited

Why am I excited you ask? Well because today I am guest posting on the blog of one of my favorite twitter friends. Preston is a senior at Baylor University and somehow we discovered each other on twitter and the interwebs. He has been such a source of encouragement in my writing and I am so grateful.

When Preston asked for guest post submissions for his blog to share during his time in the U.K. I jumped at the chance. As I began writing a new post I kept thinking about a post I began earlier this summer, but had not yet shared. The more I thought about it I knew it was the post I should send to Preston.

You see Preston and I both have thoughts on stars and so the post I had written and not shared was the perfect one to share with Preston’s readers. Would you visit me at Preston’s blog today? And while you’re there take a few minutes to discover why Preston is one of my favorite writers.

Thank you Preston for sharing my words with your readers.

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