My Head in the Clouds

The clouds this week here in our part of Alabama have mesmerized me. The days have been perfect for lazily laying around gazing at the clouds and seeing shapes and such. You've played that game right?

I thought of my twitter friend Mamasteph who is always sharing sky photos all week as I kept staring at the clouds.

Of course I had to go get some photos of these beautiful clouds. I went up to a hill on the river where I knew I could get an unimpeded view. (Power lines really should be underground. They mess up so many of my photos.)

So enjoy my overload of cloud photos and tell me: when was the last time you played the cloud game?

062210_0012 062210_0011 062210_0013 062210_0014 062210_0015 062210_0016 062210_0017 062210_0018 062210_0019 062210_0020 062210_0021 062210_0022 062210_0023 062210_0026 062210_0027

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