My Scrap Space

Sometimes you have to make things work simply with what you have. And that’s what I have done with my scrap space. It originally was just my laundry room although large for laundry room standards. I was blessed to have counters with cabinets underneath in here when we moved in. It used to be a raised patio and the people before us enclosed it to make it a craft room. When we bought it we moved the washer and dryer in here instead of the storage room out in the carport. Going outside in the winter to do laundry didn’t sound very appealing anyway. When I used to sew and smock a lot when my DS was small my sewing machine was set up in here and still is. Once I started scrapbooking more and more it dawned on me to turn it into a scrap room and my dad built me some open upper cabinets also.

Unfortunately, those before us put a flat roof on when they enclosed this space. So we had to empty the room out in order to have a sloped roof added. The walls were an orange colored varnish before and so I took the opportunity of it being empty to paint and redecorate. Now it’s my happy place with green walls and my scrapbooking paraphenlia and other stuff. I made a room divider with wood and sheet metal for my son to hang his artwork on as well as hid the cat’s box. We also have a corner with a shelf for my son’s art stuff and easel.

So what that my washer and dryer are in my scrap room. You have to make what you have work and I love my scrap space.


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