New York City – Day 5 (continued)

So after leaving Central Park we trekked over to the Museum of Modern Art.  We really enjoyed our visit to the MoMA.  The Museum of Modern Art is closed on Tuesdays. Hours are 10:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. except on Fridays when they remain open until 8:00 a.m.  Admission is $20 and is included in the City Pass .

You should definitely try and visit the MoMA, but if you are taking children you should definitely skip the first two floors. Some of the paintings on these floors are very graphic and explicit and in my opinion are not suitable for children or even young teens. So skip these and head straight to the 4th & 5th  levels where the Picasso's and Monet's are. Then sit back and be amazed. Seeing Picasso's 3 Musicians and Girl in Mirror as well as Monet's Clouds Reflecting on a Water Lilly Pond  were worth the admission. And of course you have to see Andy Warhol's Campbells Soup paintings.

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After leaving the Museum of Modern Art we headed down 5th Avenue to St. Patrick's Cathedral. What a beautiful cathedral! We walked in during one of the midday masses, but tourists are still welcome to see the cathedral. They do have security at the entrance and they may search your bags. They didn't inspect mine, but there were others that they did check. The stain glass windows are amazing.

New-York_Feb022009_0294web New-York_Feb022009_0299web New-York_Feb052009_0951web New-York_Feb052009_0950web

After leaving St. Patricks Cathedral we grabbed a bite for lunch and then found Grand Central Station

New-York_Feb052009_0347 New-York_Feb052009_0952web

From there we took the subway downtown and got off in Soho to browse through some stores.

New-York_Feb052009_0350web New-York_Feb052009_0352web New-York_Feb052009_0353web New-York_Feb052009_0354web


We took the subway back uptown to our hotel and then to see The Lion King. Can I just say AMAZING!!!!! It followed the movie for the most part, but there were moments where the characters alluded to the movie in humorous ways that made the musical even funnier. I can't even begin to describe how much I loved this musical. My in-laws had been before and sat in the lower level very close to the stage and they thought that although it was a great musical they were too close to the stage. I ordered tickets for the upper level and our seats were dead center and it was perfect. The Minskoff Theater isn't a huge theater so it was absolutely perfect. Of course no photos from the musical or once you're inside the theater, but we did get a few to remember the event.  

New-York_Feb052009_0355web New-York_Feb052009_0361

And that ended our Day 5 in NYC. Tomorrow I'll finish up my posts about our trip (I know, finally right?) But Day 6 was great so check back tomorrow. 🙂

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