October Afternoon

I sit. The gentle rocking of my porch rocker sooths. Planter full of mums at my feet sharing what may be the last blooms of the season as nightly temperatures dip closer to freezing. An autumn chill is in the air as the past days feel like a true fall. This favorite season of mine slowly ushering golden, orange and red as green leaves finally give way. Leaves strewn across the almost acre of yard as hubby waits just a bit longer before gathering them to reveal grass readying itself for winter.

A few birds are left to sing their afternoon songs. Mild winters this far south leave us that joy.

Our old cat sits in the window sill observing. Flowers watered in hopes of color for just a few more weeks. Sugared water colored red and refilled just in case the hummingbird has not yet flown south.

The cool of the late afternoon chills through my long sleeves and scarf. Yet I remain. Rocking as hubby loves on our chocolate lab. He enters the house leaving her to me. Sweet face props on my knee. Waiting for me to rub her head. When I make my way inside she will return to her house tucked away in the carport filled with fresh hay for warmth during the cold nights.

Leaves of the favorite tree hang tightly to their green. Red barely visible as it prepares to burst forth in the weeks to come. Always seeming to bleed red leaves over night although I know it is a gradual process.

As creation settles itself for winter and cold I soak in this favorite season of mine and it occurs to me that winter is becoming my second favorite. Odd I know. Yet spring and summer felt colder than autumn now does. Seasons of silence in so many ways. Counting, listing the graces a discipline often out of duty. And as earth now prepares for silence the discipline providing growth. Gratitude producing joy as limbs blown about bring colors of fall.

647. For chocolate covered peanuts. (10/16/11)

648. For Sam’s snoring and noises in the night. (10/16/11)

649. For a day with Chris & Sam at Biltmore Estate. (10/17/11)

650. For hop on hop off tours. (10/18/11)

651. For fall foliage along the Blue Ridge Parkway. (10/18/11)

652. For a safe trip home. (10/19/11)

653. For getting to volunteer for World Vision at the Casting Crowns concert. (10/20/11)

654. For a day to rest. (10/21/11)

655. For unscheduled Saturdays. (10/22/11)

656. For friends. (10/23/11)

657. For listening to my amazing kiddo read to me. (10/23/11)

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