One Little Word 2010

Choosing my word for 2010 wasn’t all that difficult.

Last year my word was MOVE and I have to admit I failed to keep it in the forefront. I have a hard time staying focused if there is a lot of extra stress. I’m not talking about the normal, every day stresses of life, but those uncontrolable situations.

This past summer our family had some situations that although out of our control still added worry to life. My mother-in-law became very sick and although there was absolutely nothing I could really do it mentally wore me down. Add to that my dad being sent overseas for active duty his last year in the National Guard and I couldn’t stay focused on “moving”. Not moving to exercise, not moving my photography business or moving to scrapbook.

Thankfully this Autumn things seemed to settle down a good bit and I feel like I’m getting back on track.

So for this year I’ve chosen ACTIVE as my word for the year. Still a lot like MOVE, but that’s okay.  And I think I’m going to choose a secondary word also – STORY.

My goal is to be more ACTIVE in many areas.

More ACTIVE with exercise. I have no problem admitting how difficult it is for me to self motivate myself to exercise. I know I need to do it and I understand the reasons. I know I feel better when I am exercising on a regular basis, but it’s not something I really enjoy. So this is the big area I’m focusing on.

More ACTIVE with growing my photography business. I have ideas and I just need to get busy with it all.

More ACTIVE with the kiddo & husband. I’m with the kiddo all the time except for the hours he’s in school, but so often I get caught up in laundry, cooking or chores I don’t slow down enough to be actively doing something with just the two of them.

More ACTIVE in telling our STORY. After taking Ali Edward’s workshop at BPS and forcing myself to do the scrapbooking and not put it off saying I would get back to it, I feel like I’m back in the groove of scrapbooking and loving it. So I’m going to focus on the STORIES I want to remember and document and telling those stories through my scrapbooks.

So there you have it. My words for 2010. What about you? Are you a scrapbooker? Are you choosing a word for 2010?

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