Ordinary Gifts

Ordinary times hold gifts often unseen. Catching myself in frustration I overlook the gift a strong will can be.

Simply weary from the day I almost miss the blurred moon behind clouds. God painting the night sky.

A lesson I learn again and again. Slow down and seek. Most pressing matters will remain for tomorrow. The small graces though will not wait for long to be captured. They must be sought. But the seeking means letting go of immediacy. Letting go of frustrations when pushed to the edge. Letting go of discouragement when hurts threaten to resurface.

Then I look at my life and shake my head at myself for complaining. Life could be much worse.

My impatience forgets that redirecting my focus isn’t something that changes instantly. A renewing of the mind takes time. A great deal of time. And even though I have set my thoughts on being more grateful I still fail each day in so many ways. So I need to give myself grace. Remembering that redirecting my focus may not happen even in a year, but that slowly if I continue to seek the gifts my focus will be renewed.

In moments of ordinary life there are graces. Laundry, cooking, school pick up time.

Gifts in ordinary time.

So once again I remind myself. Deep breaths. Seek the gifts. Count them as grace.

757. For paint and canvas. (12/05/11)

758. For focus. (12/06/11)

759. For words. (12/07/11)

760. For leaders who lead authentically, dependably & lovingly. (12/08/11)

761. For a morning to sleep late. (12/09/11)

762. For Chris taking Sam to school. (12/09/11)

763. For blurred moon behind the clouds. (12/09/11)

764. For full clear moon. (12/10/11)

765. For goodnight hugs. (12/11/11)