Photo Friday: Planning

This is L. One of my favorite girls. She reminds me so much of me when I was younger. She’s the one I call when I just want to have fun taking photos with no pressure. I wanted to participate in the photo play over at the High Calling Focus and had certain ideas in mind. So off we went. As I was thinking about this week’s Photo Friday theme I kept thinking back to these photos of L.


That age where you’re not quite an adult, but you’re making plans to be. Anxious to find your own wings yet hesitant. So many plans we make and think about at this age. Plans for college. Wondering which career path we want to explore. Dreams of all those plans in life ahead of us. College, marriage, children…….



Some days I’d like to time travel back to that age. I’d tell myself to slow down, count each gift, and give thanks for each. I’d tell myself that my identity is found in only One who can complete me. I’d tell myself that making plans are okay. Just don’t hold on to tightly to those plans. Because while we’re busy making those plans we may miss out on the plans for the life God longs to give us.

Thanks L for being my model!

Linking up with xoxo, Trina for Photo Friday.