Plan B by Pete Wilson

When I decided to request Plan B by Pete Wilson to review from Book Sneeze I had no idea how the words of this book were needed.  My own life has been full of changes recently, some unwanted if I’m honest.

Have you ever had your dreams shattered? Wondered what was next and wanted to ask why what you had planned and hoped for just wasn't happening?

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Using examples from the Bible like King David and Joseph, as well as real life experiences, Pete Wilson reminds us that there is still hope even in the midst of our Plan B situations.

Pete is upfront and honest about how life is filled with Plan B experiences. He doesn’t try to gloss over the fact that as Christians we aren’t promised a life of everything we want or an easy life. For me, he brought the story of Joseph into a new light. How many times I’ve read the story of Joseph, but never thought about how long Joseph lived in his own Plan B situation.

But throughout Plan B, Pete reminds us that through even if life isn’t turning out the way we thought it would God can use these experiences to bring us closer to Him.

Plan B could not be more timely. With all our country and world is experiencing, natural disasters, struggling economy, we need the reminder that even in the midst of Plan B, God is still bringing us hope. Pete reminds us that God is still in charge. It's okay to ask why when life just isn't going as we planned. Just remember that nothing surprises God. 


Thank you to Book Sneezeand Thomas Nelsonfor providing a copy of Plan B for me to review. To review my disclosure policy click here.

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