I sing along, losing myself in the worship. Melodies of praise spring from the worship team into my soul. My voice joining in with hundreds of others.

Although the auditorium is almost to overflowing I close my eyes soaking in the music. No spare seats to be found. Music teeming loudly from the stage. Hands lifted around the room in praise. A feeling of expectation permeates my spirit.

Words sung in praise adding to the joy my heart had already found in serving earlier that morning.

I close my eyes pushing away all thoughts except to worship. What would have driven me to distraction three years ago now found so encouraging and freeing.

My eyes open for the briefest moment glimpsing a friend across the room. And in that moment a prompting. “Your friend needs prayer.” No words from the friend. Just a sense. The friend not even knowing.

A prompting I have felt at times with different friends. Waking during the night with an urgency although circumstances unknown. A prompting that has been absent in recent months. My spirit needing rest. For when I sense my friends are hurting I hurt. Often deeply. A wonderful gift yet at times difficult for the melancholy bent of my personality. A gift that at times can feel like a curse.

But as I felt this prompting today I knew it was time. Time once again to embrace this mysterious gift He has given me. To give thanks once again for this way He has made me. To give thanks for the graces.

What gifts are you grateful for today?

 535. For hearing a new bird in my yard as I read in the morning. (8/22/11)

536. For time with Karla & Nicole. (8/23/11)

537. For words. (8/24/11)

538. For a bit of time getting to know a friend better. (8/25/11)

539. For an afternoon at the pool with a friend and the kids. (8/26/11)

540. For encouraging words from friends. (8/26/11)

541. Squirt’s laugh. (8/27/11)

542. For an afternoon at the pool with hubby watching Squirt and a friend. (8/27/11)

543. For happiness. (8/28/11)

544. For the prompting to pray for a friend not knowing why. (8/28/11)

545. For Sunday naps. (8/28/11)



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