Rain, Rain, Go Away….

It seems like it has rained for days on end. To be honest we have had days of sunshine, but rain has seemed to be right around the corner before we can dry out.

Catching up on some of my 365 photos. I missed Monday. Oh, well.

Saturday, March 28 – POTD – Bookstores are quite dangerous. Do you realize this? I may already have a photo like this for this year (I'm too lazy to go back and check), but this was a snapshot of my day so here is another one perhaps.


March 29 – POTD – Sunday dawned cloudy yet again, but we still made it to church.


Tuesday, March 31 – A rainy day, but sunshine and blue sky peeking out at sunset.


Wednesday, April 1 – POTD – I managed to get the laundry washed and dried, but just couldn't get it folded.


April 2 – POTD – Had to make a quick trip to Walmart for a birthday gift and noticed that the remodeling they are in the midst of included the signs. They've changed what was food center to "marketplace". Sounds like they are going for a psychological marketing approach don't you think? And that is really all I should say about Walmart or it could get ugly.


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