Remembering 9-11

It was ten years ago today. A Tuesday.

I was preparing to leave for the Mother’s Morning Out where I worked. My son was just over eighteen months old and went with me. I was about to get him up and ready.

The Today Show was on. They broke in with news that a plane had hit one of the towers…..and then another one.

We finished getting ready and left. I turned the television on once we arrived at work. And the horrors continued. I did not know anyone directly effected, but it is not a day I will easily forget.

I took this photo in 1995 from the Empire State Building when my future in-laws took my future husband and I to New York during Christmas. I love New York City during the winter.

I did not think much of them that day. Those towers rising above everything else.

I took this next photo from the Statue of Liberty when my sister and I went to New York in 2009. You wouldn’t know anything was really missing if you didn’t know.


We walked to Ground Zero after visiting the Statue of Liberty. It was fenced off. We could not see much, but we visited the temporary Memorial Museum. It was located next to a fire station. An eeriness is the only way I can describe the feeling of walking through and seeing the missing persons flyers and other things collected from that day. I did not take any photos. It seemed almost irreverent.


There were signs of life. The construction crews. The sounds of rebuilding. In spite of that horrible day no one had given up. You could hear the sounds of hope. I’m ready to go back to NYC. Ready to see how the city has continued to rebuild.

Where were you on this ten years ago?


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