Right Now

Right now I don’t have many words for this space.

Today the rain and clouds seem to have lasted for days on end. They haven’t really, but I’m ready for sunshine and cool temps and fall.

Right now we’re learning new routines.

Today I’m resting in the silence.

Right now I’m working to get back into an exercise routine.

Today I’m thinking about servant leadership.

Right now I’m thankful he replies “good” when I ask him how his day was.

Today I’m thankful he spoils me with these when I really don’t need them.


Right now I am growing ever so weary of the political campaigns and trying to teach my son that just because someone does not agree with you politically does not make them wrong, that each person has the right to vote for the candidate of their choosing.

Today I’m thankful for a new book to read.

Right now I’m loving all the hummingbirds hovering and chasing each other around the feeders on my porch.

Today all I feel like doing is knitting and reading, but there is much more to be  done. I blame the lack of motivation on dreary days. Where is vitamin D when you need it?

Right now, I’m looking forward to this in a few weeks and then this in October.

Today I am reminding myself to pray first.

Right now, if nothing else, I can be grateful.

What does right now and today look like for you?

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