Science Activity – Inside or Outside Ice?

This is another easy and simple science activity to do with your children. 

The question is this: does ice melt quicker inside or outside? You'll need 2 ice cubes, 2 trays and a clock.

Now this conclusion may seem obvious, but showing your child and explaining why will help their little brains make just another connection which is always a good thing.

Place an ice cube in each tray. Leave one inside and one outside. Note the time you put one outside and observe them every few minutes to see the progress.

Which one melted faster? The one in the warmer area or the colder area? For us, our home was just a little colder than the outside. It was a very close race, but the one we put outside did melt faster then the one inside. The kiddo had already observed them before I got the last photo so I didn't get a photo of the end result.

Colder air slows air molecules down thus the colder the air, the slower the ice will melt.

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