Science Experiments: Anti-Gravity using a Magnet

I'm starting a new series on Tuesdays where I'll post different science experiments for kids or links for doing science experiments with children.

This first one we found in a book I bought at the Museum of Natural History & Science. All you need is a decently strong magnet, a glass, paper clip, thread and tape.

Take your magnet and lay it over the top of a glass. Attach the paper clip to the end of the thread. Stick the paper clip to the magnet. Tape the thread to the table and pull until the paperclip is no longer touching the magnet and stick the tape down better. The clip is suspended in mid-air caught in the magnet's force. Try placing a penny, piece of paper, another paper clip and other objects between the paperclip and the magnet. Ask your child to observe what happens. Which objects break the force and which do not.


Be back next week with another easy experiment to get the little minds (and maybe your own) thinking.

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