Seeing for the First Time


“Have you ever looked at something that has been there for years and felt like you were seeing it for the first time?” (a tweet from me October 7, 2011 with above photo)

Legs curled underneath myself I gaze out the window from my favorite chair. Wind whipping as green leaves begin to bleed to red. One lone bird chirps his own song as the train rumbles past in the distance.

My eyes caught by one tree as branches blow back and forth. Almost as if I had never seen this tree before. I know it has been there for years. Its trunk leaning to the right as if it were climbing the hill it is rooted upon.

I sit and stare in wonder at this tree.

Why after fourteen and a half years am I seeing it as if for the first time?

How often do we slow down and notice things in our life as if we were noticing them for the first time? How often do we slow down and notice the people in our lives? Do we stop in wonder at their gifts and abilities? Do we give thanks to their creator for them? A truth I needed to be reminded of.

611. For Sunday afternoon naps. (9/25/11)

612. For exploring with my camera. (9/26/11)

613. For clouds as their shadows quickly move across the road and land. (9/26/11)

614. For old red barns. (9/26/11)

615. For a Monday to-do list marked off along with some from Tuesday. (9/26/11)

616. For waking up to a thunderstorm. (9/28/11)

617. For a golden sunrise in the clouds during the thunderstorm. (9/28/11)

618. For sunrise peeking between rising fog and clouds. (9/29/11)

619. For encouragement from an online friend about my photography. (9/29/11)

620. For the fireworks show after the first session at reCreate. (9/30/11)

621. For the reCreate conference at Highlands. (10/01/11)

622. For popcorn and chocolate. (10/02/11)

623. For the lake and blue skies and perfect fall weather. (10/02/11)

624. For perfect weather for a walk. (10/03/11)

625. For pancakes, hot cocoa and the aroma of a coffee shop. (10/06/11)

626. For last minute booking to photograph a birthday party. (10/06/11)

627. For wind whipping through the trees and seeing one as if for the first time. (10/07/11)

628. For dinner with Whitney and Ben. (10/07/11)

629. For the sunset over downtown Birmingham. (10/07/11)

630. For a date with Chris to see The Civil Wars in concert. (10/07/11)

631. For Kristy Kreme doughnuts. (10/07/11)

632. For legs that are able to run. (10/08/11)

633. For a rainy Sunday morning. (10/09/11)

634. For hearing rain on the roof at church. (10/09/11)

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