Shriveling Potato Experiment

This is another easy and simple science activity or experiment to do with your children that can teach a bit about biology.

You will need 2 bowls, a potato, salt, & water. We tried this experiment with a new potato at first, but found it didn’t work as well as a regular baking potato so be sure and use a regular baking potato.

Pour a good bit of salt into one of the bowls and be sure and label or remember which bowl you put the salt in. Cut the potato in half.


Place a half in each bowl. Here I had to slice a small piece off to fit them in the bowls.


Let them sit for a while. The instructions I read said 15 minutes, but we found that it took a couple of hours maybe due to the size of our potato.

Then take them out and observe how different the one in the salt water was different. It’s may be hard to tell exactly in the photo, but the one in the salt was smaller than the other one (the one on the left). It felt shriveled and also had a lot of yuk on it. You can relate this to our bodies and how our bodies become dehydrated if there is too much salt in our system.

Oct112009_0001web Oct112009_0002web

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