Small Provisions

Lake blooms
…always giving thanks for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God, even the Father; (Ephesians 5:20 NASB)

I too easily forget to give thanks. Even after a year and a half of counting the gifts I forget to bring Him my thanksgiving for even the small things.

I have a friend who tries to teach her children to be thankful for even shoe laces. Something that seems like such a small thing.

Yet even when I forget He still shows His provision and once again I’m reminded to give thanks. It happened this week in two situations. These weren’t major circumstances. Minor things really, but in both situations I was blown away by how He provided.

So I begin to wonder how eucharisteo and His provision relate. I’m not a bible scholar or theologian. These are just my thoughts, but I wonder if perhaps He wants us to learn to give thanks for His provision in the minor circumstances to prepare our hearts to acknowledge His provision in the larger ones.

I hesitate to say He witholds His provision in the bigger circumstances of life, but what if allowing those struggles is for the good He wants to give us?

Perhaps disciplining ourselves to recognize and give thanks for His provision in the smaller circumstances conditions our spirits to be ready to acknowledge His provision in the major circumstances.

What are you giving thanks for this week?
954. For rocking chairs and front porches. (5.7.12)
955. For middle of the night thunderstorms. (5.9.12)
956. For rain washing away pollen. (5.9.12)
957. For progress. (5.9.12)
958. For midnight storms. (5.10.12)
959. For old farms with character. (5.11.12)
960. For freshly baled hay in fields beneath the foothills. (5.11.12)
961. For fields of lilies. (5.12.12)
962. For afternoon thunderstorms. (5.13.12)
963. For an email with exciting news. (5.15.12)
964. For God’s provision in small things. (5.17.12)

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