Stormy Lake

Sunday we went to the lake hoping for a nice boat ride. DS was hoping for a fun afternoon of tubing. Before we got to either of those, though, a thunderstorm blew up.

Have you ever watched it rain on the lake. My sister-in-law said one time that the rain on the lake always made her think of dancers at a ball. So when this storm blew up at the lake yesterday and I as I watched the rain dance off the steps I grabbed my camera. 

Sunday, May 10 – POTD – rain dancing on the steps.


And a few more from our day at the lake. The rain moving across the lake.


DS talked DH into tubing after the storm passed and the sun came out.

mother's-day-on-lake_051009_0024 mother's-day-on-lake_051009_0028web mother's-day-on-lake_051009_0037web

Eagle's Nest on an island. No sign of the eagles yet though.


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