I have a tendency to stress myself out. It's not anything anyone else causes. I just tend to take on too much at one time and I'm a procrastinator. I manage it and I usually do better when I'm under pressure so it will be fine. I just have a few things that need to be finished up before I leave for New York with my sister. Oh and the packing too. I wasn't too worried about packing until my sister called last night. My sister who usually packs the night before she leaves on a trip. She calls and tells me she's packed. What? 5 days before we leave and she's packed? For some reason this stressed me. But that's okay. I'll get it all done. Meanwhile here are my photos for the past 3 days.

Day 26 – Walking with my crazy, but sweet girl through our neighborhood. Two miles up and down hills on a gorgeous, but strangely warm January day.


Day 27 – Bought some Gerber Daisies at the grocery store to brighten up the house.


Day 28 – I spent some time backing up photos and other files off my laptop to the external hard drive. A very mundane task for my day, but I really needed to get a lot of stuff saved over to the external and off the laptop.


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