Day 21 – Subbing at school thus the 365 photo for Day 21.


Day 22 – Haircut Day – Suddenly DS has an opinion about his haircut. I pick him up from school and remind him that we are going to get haircuts. He starts complaining that he doesn't need a haircut. (His hair is below his eyebrows, but not quite in his eyes yet.) Never has he wanted to let his hair grow out. His best friend has a longer style haircut and his hair is constantly in his eyes. DS is always telling him he needs to get his haircut.  But now suddenly he wants his hair a bit longer than it usually is. What? Where in the world did this come from? He already gets frustrated in the mornings when it's sticking up all over the place and won't lay down. Letting it get longer would just make it worse. Now I've never gotten it cut short, but just a little bowl like cut. Very cute on him I think. My dad has threatened to take him and get him a buzz cut.  I seriously probably couldn't speak to him for months if he ever did that. I don't want it short, but the kid's got to be able to see. In the end I think it's shorter than he wanted. So here's the shot for today. DS waiting for our hair stylist.


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