Surprising Myself

I've never considered myself artistic at all.  I can draw stick figures and that's about all. Our kiddo loves art and had been begging to take art lessons again. He took with about 5 other children, but that art teacher moved and we never looked for a new teacher. He never quit begging to take though so I started searching. In our small town I could only find 2 options. One class would be with several students and the other would be with only 2 students.  We chose the lessons where it would just be him and one other student.  I toyed with the idea of taking lessons myself. I had really enjoyed the times I had gone to painting parties. So I asked about me taking with my kiddo and my cost would be half price. So nervously I dove in.

So far I've only worked with oil pastels and I've only completed 3 pastels. Since February. Yes, I'm slow. But I'm okay with that.  We have a wonderful teacher. She's so calming and she puts up with my kiddo's crazy personality so she's definitely a jewel. 

And honestly, I'm quite surprised with how much I like what I've done. The first pastel I did I did from a magazine photo from her files of pictures.  For my second one I decided to take a photo I took in San Francisco. From that point I knew I would find photos I've taken and paint those. Today I finished one I was pretty nervous about, but the photo was one of my favorites of my kiddo on the beach when he was 3.  I'm very excited with how it came out. I think our art teacher was even prouder. :)  Without our teacher I know I would have never been able to do these ones I've done.

So here's my photo for today. A photo of my oil pastel. Thanks so much for looking.


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