Sweet Girls

My sweet nieces are growing so fast. Last week we went to the gardens to take their yearly photos. It was so fun taking their photos and especially the oldest who is finally at the age where she thinks it’s fun to take photos with Aunt Mimi.

R is the oldest. I blinked and she went from baby to toddler to preschooler. She looks more like a little girl now; losing all the baby features she still had at 3. Goodness gracious I love the photos when she isn’t smiling. She’s the live wire, funny one. Incredibly smart. Talkative if she knows you and almost constantly moving. I don’t know that her brain ever stops. She loves helping her sister most of the time. She’s a little mother.

W is my sweetheart. She’s such a loving baby. She favors my baby pictures more and I’m still holding out hope her hair doesn’t turn as light as sister’s which was pretty much blond by this age. I need one of these babies to have brown hair & blue eyes. She loves her big sister. Always laughing at her crazy shenanigans. We call her grin-ee bug because she grins and smiles a lot. She’s the quieter one, so far at least. I think she is going to be more like me in that she’s always thinking but just quieter. She gets really serious sometimes and I know her little mind is contemplating.

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