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Bring the Rain

Rain. I have always hated rain. I half joke and say I would like to move to Arizona. The desert part. Where it rarely rains. Days on end of rain get to me. Heaven forbid weeks and months like it felt at the end of 2009 and early 2010. I needed sunshine.  But now, this...

Photo Friday: Growth

Growth often means change. Crossing a bridge. Moving onto something new. Moving out of your comfort zone. Usually not easy. But unless you take that step you may never realize what awaits across that bridge. Linking up with xoxo, Trina for Photo Friday.


We sit.  Each afternoon with the music before us. Metronome clicking out beats. He plays as I count and correct when needed. He has a talent for this. This music. Yet we struggle. It’s not the easiest of talents for him. It has never been for me either. Not like his art that seems to...