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Celebrating Adoption

Adoption is very close to my heart. As an adoptive parent, I know personally the costs of adoption and am happy to offer free photography services with Amy Nabors Photography to adoptive families in the Lake Martin and Auburn areas. If you are an adoptive family and have adopted your child within the last year,...

Wildflowers Along a Country Road: Left of Center

The photo hunt brought disappointment. The old country church not looking as old as I had remembered. Pulling away from the church these wildflowers stopped me. I traipsed across the sleepy country road with camera in hand. Capturing the beauty so many move past without thought.  

Letting the Road Lead

Warning: Photo heavy post. I wasn’t sure to what it would lead me. It had been years since I traveled down this road, but I needed to get out with camera in hand and just shoot for myself. The road led me to a couple of country churches and an old cemetery. And then the...