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Trusting, Obeying

Peering into eyes Seeing soul struggling Needing purpose Waiting, Seeking Unable to move Aching to mend Knowing only to pray Trusting, Obeying Hearing His voice Urging to belief Waiting, Seeking Trusting, Obeying


Shadows Closing in around Perception trumps need Choking, strangling Needing escape Suffocating Effecting fear Blinding with selfish gain Writhing agony Shifting awareness Tempering Pressing, forcing Toward consciousness anew Unbinding timidity Unfurling with hope Ascending.

Empty of Desire

Empty of desire to be who everyone expects me to be. I want to find my voice. Open up, be myself. To be who I was made to be. To be free. Empty of desire to be fake. Tired of feeling dead. What more is it going to take To tear this facade away To...

If I Could Bottle Up My Day

If I could bottle up my day I’d share the hope I felt. I’d give you the gift of the rain Washing away your pain. I’d give you His presence And the hope He gives. I’d give you the sun, the art, the music. And the peace that only He can give. If I could...

A Poem for You Today

Remember When you look at the stars are you in awe? Does the wonder of the heavens inspire you? Have you stood on a mountain top as the colors of the Autumn valley steal your breath? Have you stared spellbound as rain drops dance on a pond like dancers at a ball? Does the moon’s winter halo...