Thanksgiving – One Year Ago

This is the cake that my sister made. It looks okay,  but looks can be very deceiving. After lunch my dad decides to eat a piece of the cake. After he puts it in his mouth he asks my sister with a horrible look on his face what kind of cake it was supposed to be. She replies just yellow cake mix and store bought icing. He’s trying to be nice and not say anything about how awful it is. She rarely ever cooks. She has many, many strengths. Cooking not being one of them though she does make a very good green bean casserole and corn casserole. Someone else takes a taste of the cake and spits it right out. It was horrible. Something just tasted spoiled about it. But really how can you mess up a box cake mix? She followed the directions on the box and greased her pan with shortening. And I have to admit that I did not know that shortening goes bad. But it does. And when you grease a pan with it, well…..your cake will be bad. Our poor dad just didn’t want to say anything and hurt her feelings. The rest of us teased her mercilessly about it and still do. 🙂

And the leaves….I took this photo last year when a wind gust sent many of the leaves falling from the trees. It has looked a lot like that here this week with the temperature dropping and wind picking up. Gotta love Fall.

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