the cactus

DS has had a cactus in a little pot in his room for quite a while now. Maybe a year or so. It’s widely known that I’m not very good with flowers. Not that I can’t grow them, but I tend to forget they are there and thus forget to water them. So the flowers in the planters on our porch died. The extreme drought we experienced over the summer didn’t help my forgetfulness either. I’ve been meaning to pull all the old flowers out and throw them away, but again the business of life makes me forget about these little things. So DS comes in the other afternoon  and asks if he can plant his cactus in a pot outside. I told him sure so he goes out and moves it from the tiny pot into one of my long planters. Then he comes inside and asks for a piece of cardboard. He cuts a small piece off an empty box and write’s his name and cactus on it. So funny. Of course now I’m about to go out and move it to another pot so I can plant the mums I bought yesterday in my planters. I love fall and have been sitting on my porch writing a lot lately and wanted to brighten it up a bit. So here’s to hoping I don’t kill these flowers too soon. We’re expecting rain so hopefully that will help. 🙂


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