The Front Porch


Rocking on my front porch brings a peace to my chaotic mind. Filled with tasks and projects, my mind struggles to focus frustrating me even more. A vicious cycle of too many items on the want to-do list and of course the ever present need to-do list.

There’s something about the porch and its rocking chairs, something that calms my frustrated senses. With so many opportunities and so many projects I put on myself it’s easy for my mind to lose its focus. The gentle breeze and singing birds makes the hum of the highway half a mile away seem distant. The clouds drifting across the blue sky mesmerizes my weary soul and shifts my thoughts into focus. My flower filled containers brighten my vision.

Most days on the porch I sit with journal and pen in hand releasing my thoughts, frustrations and ever growing to do list to the pages. My new found hobby of knitting occasionally joins me now also. Knitting – another calming force these days, but that’s for another story.

Today it’s about the front porch. Many houses you see these days no longer have porches. I’ve often wondered why. Do they consider it wasted space or an aspect of a home no longer needed or even outdated?

Sad, really. For a porch can be your window to the world. Whether it be sitting and talking with a friend or sitting alone allowing the peace of the rocking chair and nature to fill your spirit, a porch is a blessed place. There is nothing better than a front porch and a rocking chair to welcome your visitors or comfort you when the chaos of the world invades your mind.

What about you? Does your home have a front porch? Does it have room for a rocking chair or two? How do you enjoy it?

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