The Grace of Letting Go

We make plans. Neither right nor wrong. Deciding with the best knowledge we have. Sometimes taking the path we think will be easiest. Not always easiest physically, but emotionally. Always wondering if our choice is the best step. We pray and seek only to hear our own confusion. Then realizing. Realizing the decision we are going to have to make yet plagued with self imposed guilt. Guilt that we can't be everything we think someone needs us to be. Guilt that we cannot do it all. Guilt over our doubts. 

Then something beyond our control comes along and we must let those plans we held onto so tightly go. The choice is no longer ours. Releasing us from having to make the decision we knew was coming, but couldn't bring ourselves to make.  

God gives us this grace. There is grace in this knowing. In this realizing. 

In reality we will never be someone's everything. We aren't created to complete anyone. We aren't created to do everything. We will fail every time. 

But that's why He gives us what we don't deserve. Because of the undeserving we can let go of the guilt. 

We find grace in letting go. 


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