The Noticer by Andy Andrews


Based on a true story, Andy Andrews in The Noticer introduces us to Jones, an enigmatic old man who “notices” things about people.  Set in Orange Beach, Alabama we meet Jones as he helps Andy gain a little perspective about his current homeless situation. From struggling marriages to businesses in trouble, Jones appears when encouragement is needed in the lives of so many.  No one is able to determine Jones’s age or race, but he always carries an old battered suitcase.  Baffling those he interacts with, Jones says he is a “Noticer”, noticing simple aspects of life that others miss.

The Noticer is an inspirational book. Based loosely on Andrews own life, it brings to light small aspects of life that we so easily miss in our on the go society.

I found the book very enjoyable and extremely thought provoking. It made me wonder how much I do not notice in the lives of those I am in contact with each day.  My curiosity though was piqued. I wanted to know how much of the story was actually true and how much was fiction. From what I can garner on Andrews website he was homeless in his young adulthood, but that is all I was able to find.

Never the less The Noticer is an amazing and inspiring story that will make you think.

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