The Petricia Vase

I think the proper name for this is a vase de pretemps. It’s little bud vases connected with metal rings. You can curve them into an S shape or a circle or anything you’d like to try. DH’s aunt sells them in her antique shop. My mother-in-law had one and my sisters-in-law and I always loved it. There were numerous times I threatened to steal it. So one Christmas our mother-in-law bought each of us one of our very own. (She probably realized hers could go missing at any time.) I love it because it is so easy to use and arrange fresh flowers. Yes I could live without it, but it is one of those things that I love having.

A few weeks ago one of my sisters-in-law called and says “Can I borrow your Petricia vase?” I had to go “huh?” And then she explained what she was talking about. She was borrowing mine as well as our mother-in-law’s and our other sister-in-law’s to use as table setting for a dinner she is hosting tonight. She couldn’t remember the proper name of it so she just called it the “Petricia” vase. You see, our husbands’ aunt, whose antique shop, our mother-in-law bought them from, is named Petricia thus these have now been dubbed the Petricia vases. Just a funny little, every day thing.

Today has been absolutely gorgeous here. 72 degrees and blue skies. Hoping tomorrow is just as pretty. Until next time.

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