The Story Only You Were Given to Write

“Do not allow others to write the story that you were given the pen to write.”

We are all given our own talents, our own gifts, our own situations, our own story to write.

I told the friend who wrote these words that life is frustrating when someone else tries to take that pen and write your story for you.

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations. – Jeremiah 1:5

Allowing the expectations of others to dictate your steps can suffocate the desires, hopes and direction, the story, God has given only you.

We place expectations and opinions on every relationship in our life. Expectations aren’t necessarily bad. But when we allow those expectations and opinions to carry more weight than our support and love we aren’t allowing that person to write the story God has given them to write.

As I read my friend’s words I thought of how often others have tried to write my story for me. I was a perfectionist and people pleaser. Expectations placed by others as well as myself. In many ways I have allowed others to write my story. I’m learning though to write my own story.

Then that small voice begins to whisper. “Be careful not to try and write the story of others. Give them freedom.”


A recent situation came to mind. Walking a fine line in supporting a friend in a difficult situation and offering my own opinion. Careful to simply offer objectivity when needed in love. My friend has to write her own story. God gave me my own pen. Not hers. I don’t wear her shoes.

My friend’s words above reminded me not to allow others to write my story because of their expectations. But it also reminded me to watch my motives, my expectations, of others. To be mindful not to take the pen God has given them for their own story.

Only with my pen can I write. And its ink only my story can it tell.

My gratitude to John Claybrook whose blog post sparked my thoughts here.

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