The Things He Says

The past few days have been ripe with funny conversations from DS.

Friday it rained all day so we opted to go to dinner with some friends instead of going to the local high school football ballgame.  During the day at school DS's class makes placemats for the high school football team when they finish with their work. When he realized on the way home from dinner that we weren't going to the football game, he says, "What! But Mrs. M– says we have to write nice things about the football team on their placemats. We're not showing them any support tonight if we don't go!"

Then today while on our way to the Alabama Shakespeare Festival to see Charlotte's Web he brings up Santa Claus. He's getting to that age where he's starting to wonder. Still wanting to believe yet not quite sure about it all. He asks me how Santa gets everywhere and I tell him the reindeer. To which he replies, "Reindeers don't fly." I tell him that they do, it's magic. And his reply? "There's always a logical explanation for magic tricks." So I ask him what the logical explanation is and he tells me there isn't one. I ask him how they do it then and he says sort of perplexed, "magic dust?"

Around football season DS starts wanting to play football with his daddy all the time. Every afternoon almost they are out in the yard. DS is always Alabama and his daddy is always one of their opposing teams. And in his little mind Alabama always comes out on top. (Thankfully this seems to be the trend for the real team this year.) So on the way home this afternoon he must have been thinking about playing football with his daddy because out of the blue he blurts out, "How do you think I'm doing in my career playing football with daddy?" It took all my will power not to laugh out loud. I mean "Career"? Where did that come from?

Oh the funny things he says. I knew I had to get these down before I forgot them. 🙂 Have a great Monday everyone!

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