The week in review.

It's been a very full week. I have managed to keep up with my photos of the day. Slowing down this weekend to catch up here and share lots more.

Monday, August 24 – I dyed some muslin fabric using blueberries. I have been wanting to try it and it was super easy. Planning on trying it with other natural items also.  Hoping to find something to make from what I dye.


Tuesday, August 25 – It's definitely looking like football season around here. The squirt dragged out his Alabama football rug.


Wednesday, August 26 – The kitten has definitely livened things up around here and he's all over the place. (Lots of photos in a blog post and the adventures of the new kitty coming soon.)


Thursday, August 27 – A friend and I went to a nearby city to do a couple of errands and to find a chicken salad place she had been told about. More on the chicken salad place later, but as we were driving back the storm clouds were starting to roll in and the sky was just amazing.


Friday, August 28 – Thanks to a little help from my mother I have a new baby.  Yes, you can expect photo overload next week.


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