The Writer’s Manifesto

203565_181291025257482_3846380_n I believe Jeff Goins was doing an interview via twitter with Michael Hyatt when I discovered his blog. Since that time I look forward to reading his blog each day. (Not to mention there is something about Jeff that reminds me of my Squirt. Maybe it's their red hair.)

Jeff recently published his first ebook entitled The Writer's Manifesto. Short and to the point The Writer's Manifesto is an encouragement for writers. Within the first pages he confronts one of the biggest struggles most writers deal with or at least I do, if I can call myself a writer. We want to be read. Whether a writer like myself who shares what I write on my blog or someone who does it for pay it is easy to become trapped in needing others to affirm our worth as a writer. 

Jeff proposes we rethink why we write and get back to the heart of writing. Do we write for adoration via comments, blog stats, or retweets? he encourages and challenges writers to rediscover why they love writing. 

The Writer's Manifesto can be read in one sitting and design wise is elegantly simple. Yet Jeff's thoughts will challenge each of us. Even if you are not a writer, any type of artist can benefit from the reminders in The Writer's Manifesto

Check out Jeff's blog to learn how you can get a copy free and join in the conversation on The Writer's Manifesto Facebook page. 

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