There are times…

There are times you need to embrace change.

At times you need to take a chance.

It may be time to let go of the way it's always been done.

Sometimes you need to let go of the control you only think you have.

Other times you need to step out on faith.

Or there may be times you just need to step aside.

Then there may be a time you need to step up.

But all the time you need to step back.

All the time you need to examine your own motives.

In whatever you do, are you doing it for your own glory?

Or are you doing it for God's?

These are just some thoughts that came to my mind today while thinking and praying about some situations. Situations involving myself and other situations involving friends.

(And yes, here I am after saying I'm taking a blog break, but there are times when the words just come.)

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