Things Left Undone

Last night I awoke at 2:30 a.m. for unknown reasons and couldn’t go back to sleep. I decided to scroll through twitter on my Blackberry. As I was sleepily scrolling through I came acroos a tweet from scrapbooker Ali Edwards with a link to her latest blog post, Those Things Left Undone.

She wrote about how she would wake up with a dirty kitchen and laundry to do and unfinished projects to work on, but she didn’t regret leaving those things undone. Click on the link about to read the rest of her post.

Her post gave me some fresh perspective as my summer comes to a close with school beginnning in two weeks.

Most of my project list for this summer has yet to be crossed off. Most every morning the kitchen needs to be cleaned up and the beds rarely get made. I don’t regret leaving those things and many others undone though.


I don’t regret chauferring my Squirt back and forth to golf 23 days this summer or driving him around in the golf cart so he could play 9 holes in the late afternoon after the course was less crowded and the heat a little more bearable.

I don’t regret the dirty socks that he dropped in the van floor every morning after golf. His dirty golf shoes are still in the van waiting for our next round of golf. I don’t regret the golf balls he received during his lessons rolling all around my van.

I don’t regret bearing the hot and humid Alabama summer so he could swim with friends. I don’t regret the time we spend as a family on the lake.


I don’t regret watching him build even more Lego creations.


I don’t regret taking him to see three movies this summer and buying him popcorn and a slushie to enjoy during those movies. Thankfully we only had to pay for one of these movies due to the roof leaking on us during the second movie. The manager was so apologetic he gave us a refund and passes to see another movie.

I don’t regret not writing on my blog as much as I wanted.

I don’t regret traveling 90 miles to my parents 3 times (two of these times unplanned) in the past 2 weeks for my dad’s back surgery and then to help them get ready for new flooring to be put down after the unexpected back surgery and then helping put some things back in order afterwards. I don’t regret standing on my daddy’s porch for 30+ minutes to get photos of his hummingbirds while I was there.


I’m not going to regret that I didn’t get to scrapbook as often as I had hoped this summer.

I’m not going to regret that my to-do list and unfinished projects still await me.

Because all in all in was a good summer filled with memories and new lessons learned.

So what are you not going to regret about this summer?

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