This little girl…

I've been meaning to catch up on sharing some of my Fall photo sessions and like everything else this winter it seemed to get pushed aside. (I blame it on the days and weeks of rain we had. Weeks of rain = no motivation.)

While I love all my sessions this little girl's personality reminded me so much of my Squirt when he was her age. So lively with her own little spirit bursting at the seams. These were some of my favorites from my Fall sessions. I love how her face shines her personality with her expressions. She wanted to wear her cowboy boots and I am so glad her sweet mom let her.  I definitely got my exercise with this sweetheart. I wish I could bottle her energy.


Such thought and determination in this one.


The one above and the one below have to be my two favorites from the session simply because I think her little personality is so evident when I look at these.

Nov142009_0036 Nov142009_0068 Nov142009_0070 Nov142009_0128 Nov142009_0143

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